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make money online !

He's highly entertaining . . . He's feisty.

Marlon Sanders is a Sales & Marketing Genius !

Flagship Product(s):

Marketing Review:

If you want to rack up serious sales Online from your home PC, then learn from the "Guru's Guru". . . Marlon Sanders.

Imagine the following. . .

If you were to take the top Internet marketers, take away their money, take away their web sites, their affiliates, their e-books and dump them in the middle of nowhere with 100 bucks in their pocket, which one do you think would win the race back to the top of the Internet marketing world the fastest?

No doubt the competition would be stiff. Fierce even. It could get ugly. But, I think at this stage of the game I'd have to put my money on Marlon Sanders. I think overall he's probably the wisest marketer Online today. His Amazing Formula ! is a Net marketing Top 10 best-seller.

Marlon is a "guru's guru" and many of today's top Internet marketing experts have made a fortune following his savvy advice. He closely monitors everything that's going on in the industry too, so nothing gets by him. He tracks the competition and spends thousands of dollars each year examining their products and gathering important marketing intelligence.

Marlon's "Greatest Obsession. . ."

What I like most about Marlon Sanders is his down-to-earth approach to selling Online. He breaks the whole "Internet marketing mystique" down to bite-size, step-by-step activities that anyone with a pulse can execute. If you follow ALL of the steps to completion, success is almost guaranteed. His systems are probably the closest thing you can have to a "guaranteed business plan."

And let's face facts... in life and in business, there are no hard and fast guarantees. Everything has some risk. Marlon's gift is in showing people how to minimize business risk to acceptable levels while providing the greatest upside potential for generating income.

Marlon's obsessed with testing every detail in his marketing too. He calculates everything for effect and takes a simple but highly systematic approach to selling.

And guess what...his strategies works like crazy.

As a teacher, Marlon Sanders has undoubtedly helped many people take control of their financial lives. His writing skills and knack for "knowledge transfer" are unrivaled in my opinion. Having a Masters degree in Psychology has definitely served him well.

Lastly, Marlon provides his students with the blueprints to his own business models, which took him many years to perfect and fine-tune. One small example of this is MALgorithtm™, a step-by-step marketing flow chart and decision tree that you follow to produce successful sales and marketing campaigns.

Note: As an expert in ebusiness sales models and workflow, I can assure you that MALgorithtm™ is a top notch tool that can save you a ton of frustration, trial & error and guesswork.

Here's a brief description of some of Marlon's powerful business products . . .

Amazing Formula that Sells Products Like Crazy !
- This is the foundation of Marlon Sanders' core Internet marketing strategy. It's the "marketing dynamite" that Marlon himself uses to sell thousands of products and services from home using his computer. This book has quickly become an Internet marketing cult classic. Highly Recommended.

Push Button Sales Letters - Marketing studies and real world experience have proven that you must carefully craft your sales letter if you want to induce large numbers of people to buy from you. The hardest part of any direct marketing campaign (and the most important) is usually the sales letter. Unfortunately, many people fail miserably at writing them correctly. This problem is easily solved by using Marlon's Push Button Sales Letters.

This fill-in-the-blanks style software application not only writes your sales letters for you, but by using it regularly, it "trains your brain" how to write sales letters on your own. I highly recommend this tool to ANYONE in sales & marketing! Even so-called experts in sales will be shocked to see what they've been doing wrong with their sales letters!! I have been writing sales letters for years but still found some new elements to incorporate into my own sales letters. This tool forces you to structure your letters according to the tested and proven principles of direct marketing copywriting.

Gimme My Money Now ! - This was the first ebook on the market proving that you don't need to create big, complex web sites in order to make a lot of money Online. The premise of this ebook is effective 2-page web sites with a compelling sales letter and an order form. This simple yet calculated selling strategy is really quite amazing. It's simplicity is almost genius in a marketing sense. It sucks people in. I'm currently using the strategies in Gimme to build some mini-sites to market my own upcoming products and services.

Create Your Own Products in a Flash ! - This course is a must-have if you want to QUICKLY create and benefit from your own high-profit information products. It shows you step-by-step how to brainstorm and produce hot selling ebooks and other info products based on your own (or someone else's) background or life experiences. Even people who think they have no special skills can tap into "the author within". A must-read resource for anyone involved in information marketing.


Wanna Make Money Like Clockwork ?

make money !

Cash Like Clockwork
is a "brain dump" of all of Marlon's most coveted trade secrets and strategies. This comprehensive suite of integrated marketing systems is quite literally the master blueprint to his business success. It's the definitive roadmap to help guide you to the income most people can only dream about.

Cash like Clockwork includes Online marketing plans and strategies that no serious marketer should be without. Marlon's most popular marketing products, software and services are all bundled together for you in ONE GIANT PACKAGE.

For example, you get:

  • Cash Like Clockwork Manual (New version for 2004!)

  • Amazing Formula

  • Gimme My Money Now !

  • Create Your Own Products in a Flash !

  • Pushbutton Sales Letters (New version for 2004!)

  • Amazing Ad Copy Secrets

  • Secrets of Speed Publicity

  • Associate Handbook reprint rights

  • 17 additional marketing manuals, ebooks, marketing reports, software and BONUSES.

Wow !

It's one of the best investments you can make in your business. Before I make any major marketing decisions I usually review the corresponding chapters or sections in Clockwork to do a sanity check and grab ideas I might have overlooked or have not had the chance to test yet.

Oh, by the way, buying all this stuff separately would cost you over $3,400. If you invest in the Clockwork package , you get a whopping 73% discount!

I purchased Clockwork because I had planned to buy several of Marlons' products anyway and it was quite logical to take advantage of the huge discount to get a massive, A to Z marketing library.

The Cash Like Clockwork system comes with 8 strategy-packed CD’s , 3 Bonus CD's and a hardcover manual that reveal nearly every detail and nuance of Marlon's proprietary marketing & business plans. Nothing is left to chance. As he puts it: "You can’t find this anywhere else!"

You get order-pulling sales & marketing systems that have been TESTED & PROVEN by Marlon himself over the last 10 years. He even provides you a Performance Guarantee to back up his marketing claims.

Cash Like Clockwork Guarantee. You WILL make 10 times your money back or you don’t owe him a dime. This is one of the best guarantees in the business.


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